Friday, November 20, 2015

Ebook Writing Tips - The how To Market Your Product

(5) Spell Check - Spell check, without a doubt, is important to any e-book. That is why it is important that you do it, but you may want to write first and spell check later. If you use a program like Microsoft Word, all of your misspelled words will be highlighted and waiting for you. For that reason you are advised to wait until the end, doing so will eliminate small breaks; breaks that may bring on a case of writers block.

Split up your article in paragraphs. Make them nice and clear. Use simple, everyday language and don't be tempted to use expensive, difficult or specialised language. Write from the idea that you're writing for the average Joe. Nice short articles make reading easier, if you put all your text in one giant chunk, your readers will be discouraged to read on, you probably would be to.

I belong to an outstanding writer's group consisting of both highly experienced professional authors and small number of young and eager novices serious about developing their craft. Recently, several of us were sitting around a conference table reading a sample chapter from an upcoming novel. The writing was actually very good (which is more rare than you might think), yet there was *something* not quite right about it. It just didn't read like the work of a professional.

Last but not least, give links to things that back up the points you are making. If you are talking about a good website, add a link to it. If there is a website with information that backs up your article, add a link to it. It's simple and just takes a little bit of common sense.

There is also a need for you to be always ware of your spelling and grammar. This is also a very important quality article writing tip that a lot of writers tend to ignore. If you want, you can just let another person proofread your work and let him criticize your essay.

The work you complete during this block of time is the second part of this discussion. I think it's important to set a goal for how much writing you'll accomplish in that hour. It will keep you focused.

Then there's the matter of promotion. You can't start planning to promote too soon. Many book writers wait until the book is in print and anticipate that once this happens, sales will start rolling in without their having to do anything else. This isn't realistic. There are many options to plan and strategize how you will promote and when to get started. As a writer, if you haven't looked online for the numerous free e-zines and Websites for writers, this is something you should do, even if for a couple of hours each week as you're in the writing stage. These freebies offer a wealth of information for writers from Writing Tips to publicity and promotion.

Know your topics. Build a blog on topic that you know really well so you will not have a hard time giving your readers solid, in-depth information. You might think that this sounds pretty obvious but there are so many bloggers out there who are targeting niches that they're not even familiar with. As a result, they are struggling in winning the hearts and trust of their target audience. You don't want that to happen to you, right?

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