Friday, March 25, 2016

Commission Black Ops Review + Bonus

This was not something I had actually considered reviewing as I'm leaving for the JVZoo event early tomorrow morning however I had numerous people message me and ask me about it. So I chose to obtain review access and inspect it out for myself.

As you can probably guess by the name Commission BlackOps is a training item that teaches the best ways to do affiliate marketing. It focuses primarily on the JVZoo platform however the tactics it teaches you will work on almost any sort of affiliate platform.

The training is provided in two various ways. First there is a PDF 'field handbook' that you can download. Ill be sincere, I personally do not like reading PDF training, most likely due to the fact that I spend so much time staring at a computer system screen reading/ composing computer code, so I did not review the PDF. I did go over the video training which covers the very same things as the printed training.

The very first thing I discovered about the training was that there is a logo introduction video that you have to see each time. While the introduction is cool and well done I personally never liked it when courses have these intro videos. I always believed to myself. I don't require you to inform me exactly what Im supervising and over. To be fair however, that's just an animal peeve of mine and it might not irritate the majority of people as it does me. That though the quality of the videos from a technical stand point is stop great. The are well made in both the video and in the audio.

The video training is separated into 5 various modules that have names that adhere to the "black ops" theme of the course. While these are enjoyable names they are not very descriptive and makes it a little difficult to bear in mind which module you require to return to if you desire to take another look at a specific part of the training.

The first two modules of the training are very fundamental and are absolutely created for the total newbie. The cover things like creating a JVZoo account, the best ways to find items to promote. Ways to get testimonial access etc. For numerous individuals these might be largely a review or something they can avoid entirely. However I understand why he has these therein. Some individuals will be entirely brand-new and its important to cover the essentials initially prior to carrying on to the advanced subjects.

The rest of the training is centered around e-mail marketing. I consider myself very well developed as an e-mail marketer when examining the training there where times that I wrote things down due to the fact that some of the things he pointed out where things I did not even recognize and things I want to be doing in my future campaigns.

If your a bit more seasoned than you can skip the first module or 2 however I still have no doubt that you are going to find out things from this training (I did). Because this training was something that thought me a thing or 2 and is being offered at a very low price its simple for me to state:

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